Identify car from France - 93 E34 530ia V8

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Identify car from France - 93 E34 530ia V8

par Trond » 31 Aoû 2022, 08:01

Hi all!

Sorry for posting in English, but I do not speak any French unfortunatelly.

Ok - her goes. I have purchased an E34 530ia V8 in Norway. The car was imported from France in 2019. I have searched «all over» and I am not able to source any information from France regarding previous ownerships, registration or other history. I have checked all relevant databasen for history and all information is corresponding with the car (colour, Vin plates, car equipment vs VIN, teft history and son on).

What I know is that the car is imported to Norway November 2019, and first registration July 1993. I think the car has been in transit in Poland.

Vin WBAHE21080GE60965

My hope is that someone in this forum could point me in the direction on how to source more information from either public vehicle information or from BMW France. It is very hard to :):):):) and understand French sites, as long as I don´t understand and Google translate is not very sufficient on public pages.

Best regards, Trond

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